Mission Statement

What We Believe In

To be the preferred provider of professional forestry and resource management services to our clients - a company they look to for excellence in delivering consistent value and quality services.

Our Values

The foundation of HBFS is build on core values that focus on our People, Environment, Clients and Innovation We are commited to treating our employees with respect, loyalty and fairness - our people are this company's greatest asset. We are committed to following sound resource management practices. We strive to provide our employees a healthy and safe working environment. We strive to be responsible stewards of God's Creation. We strive to be a mirror of honesty and integrity.

Our Goals

We strive to:

  • maintain HBFS as the preferred choice of resource management contractors in the NWO area.
  • To achieve 10% Equity Growth per Year.
  • To be a contractor that employees prefer to work for.
  • To continually develop expertise in emerging practices within the Resource management Industry.