A Word From The Owner,
Dave Haveman

Welcome to our site! If you are new to this site I encourage you to look around and see what we have to offer. We hope that you will enjoy your time here. If you have worked for us in the past or have had dealings with us, Thank You for your work or your business!

This company realizes that the employee is our first priority, without our people we would not be going anywhere fast. It is the employee who helps to replenish the forest, find new and exciting resources in this amazing world we live in and really helps to drive the entire economy. Kudos goes out to them.

We thank our clients for their loyalty to us, it is this loyalty which enables us to offer more value over time for the services that we offer.

Although forestry is in a transition period right now HBFS is ready for the challenge and adapting quickly. As you can garner from the web site we are looking at different initiatives, some of which are already in gear and paying off and others which we hope will start bearing fruit in the near future. We hope that you can all join us in this new and exciting time.

Dave H.