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It’s Not Quite the Hilton, But It’s Closer Than You’d Expect…

Just because you’re working in rugged north doesn’t mean you have to give up all the comforts of home. In fact, with Haveman Brothers, you give up very little. We have focused on providing a turnkey remote camp solution that vastly improves comfort and living standards over traditional remote camps. Our camps include all the amenities you need and want while working in the bush, including:

  • Indoor plumbing
  • Full electrical
  • Phone/Internet access including camp
  • WiFi Satellite TV
  • “Arctic Hallways” for element-free travel from tent to tent
  • Full bedrooms, kitchen, dining area, and other living spaces
  • Electronic climate control thermostats
  • Full meal catering as required
  • Everything up to code

Plus, we have partnerships with many area flight charter companies in the area so we can get your camp set up for less. With our “all-in” fair pricing schedule, we always make sure that every flight in or out of our camps fly full to save you money.

Our Tents’ Silver Lining…

Rather than your typical prospector tent, Haveman Brothers camps start with four-season, super-insulated structures built for the extreme weather conditions found in Northwestern Ontario. These provide greater comfort – and greater flexibility, with a unique Arctic Hallway system that interconnects the tents so you never have to leave the cozy indoors. We can plan your interior layout to your custom specs, and even include extra living spaces as needed for entertainment, specialized workshops, indoor storage, and more.

Contact Haveman Brothers today for more information about our premier exploration and other camp services.