Ring of Fire


Haveman Brothers helps you get your crew working in the Ring of Fire faster.

Richard Lake Camp, located at the northeastern edge of the Ring, is a 28-person camp with all the amenities you need for working in the Far North:

  • Float- and ski-plane access and fuelling services (100-barrel fuel berm)
  • Two helipads
  • Onsite core cutting and logging workshops, complete with secure core storage
  • Located on the area’s highest point

Haveman Brothers fully remediated this camp in 2012 to provide a turnkey solution for companies working in the Ring of Fire. There are no setup or management fees, and since it’s a permanent camp, there’s no wait. It’s the perfect solution for temporary accommodations while your own camp is being set up, or to house crew for short periods of time.

Other camps are in development – Contact Haveman Brothers today for your crews’ accommodations at the Ring of Fire.